Scientists Think They’ve Solved The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle


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There are quite a lot of theories when it comes to the Bermuda Triangle. 

While some people think that it’s an alien abduction site, others believe that the disappearance of boats and planes can be explained by the gulf stream (otherwise known as the “ocean conveyor belt).


While some people believe leftover technology from Atlantis is causing these vessels to sink or crash, others think that violent weather in the – admittedly fairly tropical – area is the simplest explanation.

Well, Norwegian scientists might be about to put all these theories to rest. They’ve found huge craters off the coast of Norway – in the Barents Sea – that they believe are caused by huge build-ups – and then huge blow-outs – of methane gas.


A huge release of methane gas would hugely reduce water density, meaning that it would theoretically no longer have the buoyancy to keep a ship afloat. And, highly flammable, it could also cause huge explosions that would destroy any aircraft flying overhead.

Obviously Norway is nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle (which is found between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda), but now they know that this phenomenon definitely exists, scientists seem to believe it’s what causing so many ships and planes to disappear.


The methane gas theory has been floating around for a while, but the discovery of it in action – or, at least, of craters left behind by it – has been a huge breakthrough.

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Image Credits: YouTube. Daily Mail


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