Teacher Forgets To Turn Off Projector While He’s Browsing Lingerie


In perhaps the most embarrassing error of 2016 (so far) one unsuspecting teacher inadvertently left his projector projecting while he set his class to work. 

Instead of freezing the screen on the assignment, the teacher displayed what he was doing to pass the time. And unfortunately, it wasn’t The Guardian crossword…

No. This teacher was browsing lingerie ads on eBay.


It could be that he was looking for a gift for his wife, but it’s fairly mortifying nonetheless…

We don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, but this teacher reportedly never discovered his embarrassing mistake: as a student explained to The Mirror:

“After this class ended he switched to the next class’ assignments. So he doesn’t know that it wasn’t turned off or ‘frozen on a screen.”

 It could have been worse, right? There’s worse things on the internet than women’s lingerie…

You can check out a video of the incident here

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