I Took Photos Of Gorgeous Baby Primates To Spread The Word About Their Endangerment


Hello guys. My name is Nick. I’m have been a fan of Bored Panda for a long time but only until recently did I found the time to actually become a member of Bored Panda. And needless to say, I’m so very excited to share with you some fantastic photos that describe an aspect, a beautiful one, of my life: working in a rescue centre.

So my centre works to rescue, rehabilitate, breed and eventually release the primates back to their natural habitat.

The photos below were taken from where I’m working at the moment and hopefully it will lighten your day up while at the same time make you ponder for a while about the possible extinction of these brilliant animals.

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Hello. My name is Beni. I am a quite colourful red-shanked douc langur. I lost my family in Hue (Vietnam) when I was as a little child due to poaching

I was easily irritated at first when the keepers tried to take care of me. But after a while, they won my trust and we got together very well ever since

Good morning (or night)! Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a Delacour’s langur, only endemic to Vietnam and my species is ‘Critically Endangered’. Our population is estimated to be less than 250 individuals!

Although I am born orange, I will grow up to have black fur and white patch on my rump. That’s why in Vietnam, I got the name “White-shorts langur”

I drink milk only when I am small. But when I grow up, my favourite diet will consist of mostly leaves

Lorises like myself have reluctantly become an Internet sensation because we’re just too adorable and people want to keep us as pets. But we belong to the wild, among the forest canopy. Be careful, we’re the only poisonous primate in the world

Don’t forget meee! My name is Tristan the slow loris. My status? Well my species is vulnerable but who knows in a few years time, what might happen?

Hi guys, my name is Omo and I am a grey-shanked douc langur. Apparently according to IUCN Red List (2014), I was included in “The World’s 25 Most Endangered Priamtes”. This doesn’t sound too good…

We are baby primates living in the kindergarten in the rescue centre. There’s nothing we love more than cuddling and hugging with our baby keeper

Thanks to the caring hands of our keepers, baby red-shanked douc langurs like us will grow up to be beautiful adults someday. Oh wait. Did you know that we’re “Endangered” according to Red List?

I want to be known too. I am a gibbon and I am too “Critically Endangered”


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