Man Tries To Impress Girl On Date At Nando’s, It All Goes Terribly Wrong


This Nando’s was a little bit too cheeky. 

Johnny from West Yokshire had a red hot date earlier this week, and decided that Nando’s was to be the arena in which he tried out his moves.

Johnny wanted to impress his date by making her believe that he likes his chicken extra hot. The only problem being that he can’t handle the heat, and so he asked the staff at Nando’s to give him plain chicken, but stick an extra hot flag in it. Things didn’t go according to plan, and here’s what Johnny posted to the Nando’s Facebook page.

“Hi Nando’s! I’m normally a big fan of your restaurants so where better to take a potential suitor on a first date?

I picked her up, drove to my local Nando’s (didn’t charge her petrol money) and we got shown to our table and decided what we were having. All was going well.

I decided to go for half a chicken (plain) with chips and was even so kind as to order hers as well. Not many gentlemen like me about these days is there?

As it was a first date and I was out to impress I asked to get an extra hot flag put in my plain chicken because i can’t handle anything that is the slightest bit spicy and as we all know…

Plain = Lame
Peri Peri Spice = very very nice

(Feel free to use that on your next advertising campaign.)

Anyways back to the story…. our food arrived and there sat my ‘plain’ chicken with my extra hot flag stuck in it staring back at me in all its impressive glory! A chicken died for this meal but my god Nando’s, you gave it the Portuguese funeral that it truly deserved.

Excellent service as always i may say, except for one little detail, it wasn’t plain at all! It was EXTRA HOT!

Look at my eyes Nando’s!
Look what you’ve done to me!

I couldn’t even speak let alone chat the poor girl up. I doubt there’ll be a second date now….”

He has a point. Just look at those eyes.


Nando’s were kind enough to reply, offering him a few tips on his future chicken eating.


Never mind Johnny. 

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