The Rock Dances In A Fat Suit In The “Central Intelligence” Trailer With Kevin Hart


Putting Dwayne – The Rock – Johnson and Kevin Hart in a film together was always going to be a recipe for laughs. 

The height difference alone – The Rock is over a foot taller than lil’ Kev – makes them pretty compatible as a comedy duo. So some big shot Hollywood producer obviously realised their potential, and the result is the pretty hilarious looking movie “Central Intelligence.”

The trailer opens with a lot chubbier Rock in his element, dancing to nineties classic “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)”, in the school showers.


Why America has showers aka. a bullies dream spot in their schools is beyond me, but I guess that’s besides the point. Anyway, the bullies find the chunky teenage Rock, and throw his poor naked body onto the Basketball courts. Teenage Kevin Hart aka. the coolest kid in school, saves the day by offering him his jacket to cover his bits – he must have had pretty tiny man parts for this to have worked – which The Rock remains ever grateful for.

He then becomes a CIA agent, and enlists adult Kevin Hart, who is now an accountant (it’s always the way), and then, well see for yourself: