Anonymous Have Actually Struck A Blow In Their “War” Against Donald Trump


Anonymous declare war a lot. If it’s against not Isis, it’s Iceland. If it’s not the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department, then it’s man of the moment Donald Trump.  

We don’t often see results, although that’s not to say that Anonymous aren’t doing anything – we’re sure that they’re making things inconvenient, taking down websites and disabling Twitter accounts to their heart’s content.


In their war against Donald Trump, however, they’ve really stepped up their game. In a video posted yesterday, the hactivist group reiterated their disapproval of the would-be president,

“Morality dictates a movement of those who can neither be bought nor sold, who will not compromise in defence of the innocent, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or place of birth…. Donald Trump has set his ambitions on the White House in order to promote an agenda of of fascism and xenophobia as well as the religious persecution of Muslims through totalitarian policies.”

They likened Trump’s proposals – including that family members of terrorists are assassinated, and the “mass round-up of people because they were born in Mexico” – to terrorism, and to the Nazi Gestapo.


In light of these startling similarities, Anonymous have released Trump’s social security number and phone number along with his birth date, the names of his children and the address of his businesses.

While some of this information wasn’t exactly a secret in the first place (Donald Trump’s daughter went viral for looking like Sid from Ice Age) having his social security number and phone number released is a serious blow.

A representative for his campaign said:

“The government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack Mr. Trump’s accounts and telephone information.”

You can watch Anonymous’ statement here: