Woman’s Sex Toy Sparks Bomb Alert


When one resident heard “suspicious vibrations” coming from a recycling bin near their home in Modena, Italy, they did probably the most sensible thing you can do in those circumstances. 

Call the police.

This prompted a bomb scare, in which the entire street was evacuated, and a 650 ft radius around the bin was sectioned off. Fire crews arrived and, on very careful investigation, found not a bomb, but a sex toy (a “vibrating soap”, to be exact).


Whoever threw it away obviously hadn’t switched it off properly (or taken the batteries out).

It’s not the first time something like this has happened. In 2014, a discarded lightsaber toy sparked a full-blown bomb alert, and in 2008, a Swedish bomb disposal crew was called out to a suspicious package that turned out to be – yes – a vibrator. Maybe it was being given as a gift.


Can you imagine anything more embarrassing than throwing away a vibrator, only to have it attract multiple police and firemen, and prompt an evacuation of all your neighbours?

Kindly, the Italian police haven’t disclosed the identity of the vibrator’s former owner, but we imagine she is feeling pretty red-faced right now…

Image Credits: You’re Being Ridiculous, Healthista

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