Dad Sends Badass Response When School Text To Ask Why His Son Was Absent


Being taken out of school for a holiday pretty much meant your parents were fearless badasses. 

And potentially irresponsible for putting fun over education, but hey, not all learning’s done in the classroom. Plus holiday prices do get seriously ridiculous in the school holidays – it’s a disgrace, I tell ya.

Sunseeking dad Simon Morgan decided enough was enough and took his 15-year-old son James out of school on the March 3, so that they could take a last-minute trip to Dubai. Fancy. As his Dad says: “James is doing very well, is on target for excellent GCSE results and misses very few days, so I knew it was not going to negatively affect his work.”

When they found out that James was absent, the school sent the below text to his Dad, to which he replied with this “light-hearted banter”:


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Simon’s got some serious Dad-nter going there, and apparently this isn’t the first time he’s “pranked” the school. After James was late to class one morning, he apparently offered to keep him in a cardboard box and feed him gruel to make sure he was more punctual.


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In May 2015, Simon reportedly texted the school to explain James’ absence saying:

“Oh dear god… We took James out last night to celebrate the end of his GCSE exams. We had a couple of cocktails…

“Not sure what happened next but I’ve woken up in a hotel room with a six foot plastic flamingo in my bed and what looks like Mike Tyson’s tiger in the corner of the room.

“I think we may be in Las Vegas? I’ve no idea where James is. Will check the roof.”

Simon says he’s “a fun but firm dad.” Do you wish your dad was more of a prankster, or do you think he’s gone a bit too far? 


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