Woman’s Wrong Number Mistake Turned Into A Great Story To Tell The Grandkids



You know the score. You get a text from someone who says that they’re your ex, they start pouring their heart out and sending pictures of themselves crying over a t-shirt that you left round their house and videos of them sobbing quietly whilst ‘your song’ plays in the background. And you’re all like “lol wrong number…”

Okay maybe it’s completely the other way round and it’s not actually a wrong number, my ex just wants nothing to do with me.

On that topic, a nice wrong number thing happened. Instead of the mean playing along thing that usually finds its way onto the internet, these people got added to a family group chat by accident and they embraced it with genuine class. Have a lookylook…






And that wasn’t the end of it – they really did visit. Much to the delight of the respective family…




If that doesn’t make you feel like the world’s an alright place, then you’re probably the sort of person who puts the milk in first when making a cup of tea – awful.

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