Adele Paid A Touching Tribute To Brussels At Her London Show Last Night


Terrorist attacks are becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence in Europe, and around the world. Yesterday’s tragic explosions in Belgium was just the last in a number of senseless acts of violence by a group of , for want of a better word, a**eholes. 

There have been a number of tributes flooding in for those that were affected. Adele, who is in the middle of a set of shows at the O2 Arena, decided to dedicate her hit ‘Make You Feel My Love’ to the people of Brussels last night.

A Bob Dylan cover, this song makes me cry at the best of times, but considering the uncertainty of these sad times the song took on a new level of poignancy in her performance last night.

Turning the lights of, and asking her massive crowd to illuminate the venue with their mobiles, she said: “This is for Brussels tonight, I want you to all sing it with me alright so they hear us.”

In classic Adele style, she said exactly what she (and the rest of us were thinking) branding the people behind the attacks “f**kers.”

Watch her touching tribute here: