Guy Goes Out Drinking In Essex. Wakes Up In Barcelona



You know you all have that mate who has the really boring story about getting drunk. Something like “It was a Saturday night and we must have had like 5 beers each. Next day I woke up sleeping diagonally on my bed with my jeans still on!”

Terrible. Well this guy’s story marginally beats that.


Alexander Caviel is 21-year-old financial advisor who clearly can’t be that good at his job since, after a night out with his mates in Essex, he woke up in Barcelona.

He indulged in around 12 shots and a bottle of Chabbly and, when they ended up in a fried chicken shop, he spotted a bus to Stansted Airport.


That’s when he booked the £200 flight to Barcelona from his phone and made his way to the city of… unfinished Cathedrals. Totally coincidently he had his passport on him so it was all alright…

‘Me and my friend James had been out the last couple of weekends which is unusual for us but we were just enjoying life and having fun.

‘But I ended up losing him and I went for late night food at a chicken shop which is next to the bus station and I saw a coach heading to Stansted.

‘I remember thinking to myself, ‘it would be nice to fly away somewhere’.

‘The next thing I had a really vivid dream that I was on a plane – it was very, very realistic, but I didn’t think much of it and just went back to sleep.


He says that he didn’t really clock what was going on until he landed – then he was forced to have an impromptu four-day holiday… worse things could happen.

What was handy is that, when he got there, he met a couple of American backpackers that he befriended so he wasn’t totally alone. However he did confess to feeling a little lonely later on in the trip. And it was no point reaching out to his family, his dad just laughed at him…


But you know – he got a good anecdote out of it. Better than falling asleep in jeans, anyway. It’s just lucky that all he did was go on holiday and not test out if he could fly off buildings.


Anyway, tell us what you think. Been up to anything like this before? Let us know in the comments!



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