15+ Vintage Easter Bunny Pics That Will Give You Nightmares

None of these children were seen again after getting their pictures taken; they were too terrified to come back to the mall, lest they run into another terrifying Easter Bunny!

But did you know that the hare came to be associated with churches because many believed it was a hermaphrodite? In fact, the belief that a rabbit could reproduce without losing its virginity lead to hares being linked to the Virgin Mary!

As for the eggs, it all started with Orthodox churches abstaining from eating eggs during Lent. German protestants continued the custom of eating eggs but not fasting, and brought it to the US in the 18th century. With them came the tradition of the Easter Hare bringing eggs as gifts to good children.

So now that you know where the Easter Bunny came from, what do you think of these terrifying pictures? Which one is the scariest? Vote on your favorite, or post your own pictures below!

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