An Artist Has Started Using Meat To Depict Celebrities



Some people eat it, Lady Gaga once dressed in it, and now one artist has started depicting celebrities with it. 

Yes, meat, as we once knew it – a staple, fleshy food source – has been on a bit of a journey recently. One person paving the way to making meat magic, is artist James Ostrer, who is quite an interesting chap himself.

In a recent exhibition in Hong Kong, James showcased his images of Cara Delevingne, Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, artist Damien Hirst and… The Devil.

Almost as random a selection of famous people/mythical creatures, as it is making art out of meat. Take a meaty sneak and see if you recognise any similarites:

Donald Trump

(I think I prefer him like this actually)

donald trump

The Devil

(looks like the backing dancers from Madonna’s BRITs 2015 performance)

the devil

Tiger Woods 

tiger woods

Cara Delevingne

cara delevigne

Damien Hirst 

damien hirst

Is this the future of art? Or BBQ’s? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

H/T: Dazed Digital

Image Sources: James Ostrer


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