Hijacked Aeroplane Lands At Cyprus Airport


An EgyptAir aeroplane has been hijacked and forced to divert to Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. 

Flight MS181, an airbus A320 was carrying 81 passengers from Alexandria to Cairo. However, at some point during the flight it was taken over by a man claiming to be wearing an explosives belt.

The plane has now landed in Cyprus, but negotiations are still underway to get passengers safely off the aeroplane. One source has told the BBC that some passengers have just been seen leaving the plane. Other sources are claiming that all have been released bar crew members and five non-Egyptian passengers.

The airport is closed, with all planes being diverted elsewhere.

The Egyptian civil aviation ministry confirmed:

“The pilot said that a passenger told him he had an explosives vest and forced the plane to land in Larnaca”

We hope the passengers are all safely removed from the aircraft shortly. 


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