Huge Redback Spider Catches Snake, Liquefies It, And Then Drinks it


If there is one thing you don’t ever want to find in your house, it’s a spider that is capable of catching a snake, killing it and then eating it. I don’t even want to think about the liquefying part.

But a very, very unfortunate couple from New South Wales encountered just that – and filmed it, obviously. Paul and Bernadette Gibbs photographed what happened when a giant female redback spider and a deadly brown crossed paths.

It then liquefied the snake with its venom and drank it. No joke.


The couple said they’re used to encountering these snakes, and also used to dealing with the odd redback spider too – but had never seen anything quite like this before. Admittedly, this is slightly comforting – but not enough to make me want to pack up and move to Australia ever just yet.

Despite Paul and Bernadette’s claims, these spider vs. snake battles are actually quite common – so we would probably encourage you to move somewhere less critter friendly than Western Australia if this whole thing weirds you out.

It was only a few weeks ago that West Australian mother-of-three, Jamii-Leigh Marwick, posted footage on Facebook of a brown snake twisting in a redback’s web in a garage.

Craig Adams, a snake and spider safety expert, told Daily Mail Australia that redbacks are ‘very good web throwers, like Spider-Man’ to target and trap their prey’.

We’re just slightly concerned about how on earth he ended up becoming a ‘snake and spider expert’…

He explained that once the spider was able to overcome the snake, the eight-legged beast would actually pierce the snake’s skin, and then liquefy the tissue inside the snake using its venom and basically drink it. It sounds like a premise for another Saw film…

Daaaamn, australian wildlife. Back at it again with the creepy sh*t. 


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