This Hack That Actually Increases Your Storage on Your iPhone


It’s really annoying when your iPhone decides that is has no storage left. You’re trying to take a selfie with the dog because it’s pulling funny aces and you have to go through the inconvenience of deciding which photos to delete to free up some room.

Well, thanks to a reddit thread there is now a way to increase your storage and I can confirm that this actually works. I tried this just now and freed up half a GB.


Activating it is really easy. Go to Settings – General – About and check your available storage.

Then go to iTunes and try rent something really big like Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit.


iTunes will try downloading it and then you’ll get a pop up saying that you don’t have enough space.

Click OK.

Then something wizardry happens and certain apps will appear as “cleaning.”

Then when you return to your available storage the available space will have grown. The more you try rent the film, the more space becomes available. I just tried it a second time and gained another half a gig.

I’m out of here, there are so many selfies with my dog that need to be taken.

P.S Me again. I just tried it a third time and have now gained a total of 1.3 GB. GO GO GO!

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