A Guy Got Totally Burned For Not Believing This Girl Could Like Sport


You know when you see a woman talking about sports and you think “get back to the kitchen, love“..? No? Good. If you did, go away.

Now then. People like sports. Men like sports. Women like sports. My sister’s dog goes mad when football’s on the TV (most recently when Jamie Vardy scored that back-heel flick against Germany) AND THAT’S ALLOWED AND IT’S ALL OK AND WE CAN ALL BE ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY TALKING ABOUT CROQUET OR WHATEVER.

On that note, Megan Brown was chatting away to some guy she had matched with on a dating app when she confessed her love for baseball. That’s when the guy started to probe…

She said this to Uproxx:

When meeting or dating guys it’s common for them to attempt to quiz women to test if they “really” are sports fans. This guy was someone I met off of a dating app, we had started texting & he asked me that question. It seemed pretty condescending plus it was something SO basic it was kind of insulting. Instead of responding with the teams (first instinct) or ignoring, I decided to have a little fun. I love baseball & I love puns, so at the very least I knew I would make myself laugh. He STILL hasn’t responded. That said I don’t know if I would either at this point.

It’s a good response so fair play to her. I don’t know anything about baseball, sadly. It seems like she just threw in the names of three teams and two other slightly related words. It’s me saying “Oh you think I don’t like football, huh? Well I watched Made In CHELSEA the other day with a man (united). Now get off my arse(nal) and stop questioning me! Norwich.

Also, this could have just been a conversation starter for this guy. He might not have been trying to be insulting or anything. Doubt it though.

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