Leonardo DiCaprio Faces Being Banned From Indonesia For An Instagram Post



Leonardo DiCaprio. The world’s sweetheart. He’s probably the only reason North Korea haven’t yet declared full-out war on America – they just don’t want to upset Leo.

So yeah, the whole world loves him. Well… nearly the whole world. Indonesia hate him.

Why? Because he’s been slagging off their Palm Oil industry left, right and centre whilst visiting Mount Leuser National Park in northern Sumatra.

When he was there, he posted images to his instagram with captions explaining how the industry is endangering orangutans by destroying their habitats. Because of this, Indonesia are looking in to banning DiCaprio from the country.

A spokesman for the country told the BBC that Leo could be blacklisted for the comments. He then said:

In terms of [his] visa and immigration permit, Leonardo DiCaprio did not do anything wrong: He entered and left Indonesia legally. But, we still investigate.”

If DiCaprio’s posting in his social media can be categorised as incitement or provocation, we can blacklist him from coming back to Indonesia.”

Pretty insane punishment for speaking the truth.

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