New iPhone Hack To Access Photos And Contacts Without Passcode Revealed


Some people have a lot of spare time on their hands and this guy is probably one of them. YouTuber Videosdebarraquito took to the video platform to show the frighteningly easy way he has found to access photos and contacts without unlocking the phone.

It allegedly allows anyone with access to a locked iPhone 6s or 6s Plus the ability to view the phone’s contact list and photo albums. Check out the video demonstration of the exploit:

If that was too quick for you, the basics are:

  1. Activate Siri, either with the home button or by saying “Hey Siri”
  2. Ask Siri to search Twitter
  3. When Siri asks what to search for, say “” or the second half of any other email address.
  4. When Siri produces the list of results, find a tweet with a full email address in it.
  5. Click the tweet and then, using the 3D touch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, firm press on the email address so that the pop-up window appears.
  6. Click “Add new contact.” From here, you’ll be able to click the photo box to view all the photos on the device. Alternatively, you can click “Add to existing contact” to browse all the other contacts saved on the device.

It’s important to note that this work-around is only made possible by the 3D touch feature, so can only be done on devices that have this feature (6s and 6s plus.)

I had a few goes at trying to get into my own phone, and did succeed eventually after a few tries. But alas, it turns out my own photos and contacts aren’t of that much interest to me…

Apple are notoriously good at closing up loopholes like these when the appear, so we can’t imagine this will be working for long. But if you’re still concerned, you could always turn off 3D touch on your phone, which would stop this from being able to happen. I mean…. who really uses it that much anyway?

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