Dad’s Rant At Vue Goes Viral After He’s Charged £70 To Take His Kids To The Cinema


Once you’ve bought your tickets, a large popcorn and a man-sized coke, a trip to the cinema can have cost you more money than a big night out (plus cheesy chips). 

Some say it’s worth it to watch a film slightly before other people get to see it, in a threadbare seat, with that annoying person you went to college constantly snapchatting behind you. Other’s wait a few weeks, buy it on Amazon Prime and choose to watch in the comfort of their pants.

I think angry dad, Dean Mcquade, might have just become a pant-movie convert after a pretty pricey trip to the cinema with the kids this weekend. The father-of-two from York, posted the below after being left seriously out of pocket:


£5.50… I don’t think Facebook would be a big enough platform for the wrath of Dean if he tried to take his kids to the pictures in London… and those nachos look pretty manky.

We hope he wasn’t seeing Batman vs. Superman after all that. 



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