The Green Party’s Hilarious Ad Turns Politicians Into 5-Year-Old Kids


If you ever have a spare minute and happen to tune into, you’ll find a bunch of jeering loonies, sat hurling abuse at each other. 

It may seem like you’re watching a remake of Big Brother where everyone wears suits and just happened to go to private school, but instead it’ll be our elected government deciding all of our probably doomed fates. If you’re lucky, you may even spot someone taking a nap in a corner. But hey, we only pay them £60,000 a year to listen and stay awake…

Aside from the nice yearly wage, watching a session in parliament – with all the shouting, backstabbing and general unruliness – reminds me a lot of my lower set year 9 maths class.


So I’m guessing the guys over at the Green Party must have been bad at maths as well, because they’ve drawn the same comparison and made this amazing parody video, showing just how ridiculous the “childish Punch & Judy politics” of our government can be.

Pretty realistic, hey? The party have made the advert ahead of  May’s local elections in England and Wales, in the hope of showing that they are the only party who offer a “true alternative to the establishment parties.”

If only Boris Johnson was as endearing in real life.

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