Fiance Wouldn’t Let Guy Go On Birthday Trip So Friends Took Him Anyway…As A Cardboard

When Kevin’s friends discovered that his fiancée had refused to let him join them on a birthday trip, they did what any good friends would do in such a situation. They took him anyway. Well, sort of.

Realising that the real Kevin wouldn’t be accompanying them, these guys on Imgur took the next best thing, namely Kevin’s cardboard cut-out. He might not have much depth to him, and his personality might be a little thin, but cardboard Kevin makes up for these failings by knowing how to party like he’s about to get pulped! He is however known to get a little messy after a couple of drinks, but don’t worry. If he gets too rowdy then you can simply flatten the guy.

As you can see, cardboard Kevin is pretty popular! Especially with the ladies. In fact, nobody even speaks to normal Kevin anymore…

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(h/t: imgur)

When Kevin’s fiancée said he couldn’t go on a birthday trip with his friends, they decided to take him anyway!

Well, a cardboard version of him at least

The guys included him in everything they did…

…from pumping iron in the gym…

…and hanging out in restaurants…

…to shopping for “hilarious” underwear…

 …and, of course, partying!

As you can see, cardboard Kevin is pretty popular with the ladies

And the dudes

Careful of those embers! Smoking kills, especially somebody made of cardboard

Kevin wakes up in an alley. He can’t remember what happened last night. He swears he’ll never drink again

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