Baby Kangaroo Snuggles Baby Emus And It’s Too Cute


Meet Eli, Edi, and Reuben – an unlikely and extremely cuddly set of pals from the Wild Action Zoo in Australia.

The emus, Edi and Eli, and eight-month-old kangaroo Reuben were introduced by zoologist Chris Humfrey. He rescued the emus and brought them to his home to protect them from the wild foxes for until they’re big enough to be released into the open paddocks with their parents.

‘We have so many wild feral foxes in Australia. The father emu ‘Elvis’ would not have been able to protect the chicks from being eaten at night’, Humfrey told BuzzFeed. ‘Now these bundles of fluff sleep next to my fireplace… they all live quite happily together’.

(h/t: lostateminor)


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