Crash Expert Has Evidence MH370 “Was Flown Deliberately Into Sea”


An Australian crash expert has come forward and revealed that, based on recovered debris from MH370, he believes that the missing plane was flown deliberately into the ocean. 

Larry Vance explained that the flaperon – a small segment of the plane’s wing that was found last year – showed evidence of being extended at the time the plane crashed. (It reportedly had a “jagged edge” which could only have been caused by high-pressure water erosion, therefore suggesting that it was exposed at the time the plane hit the water).


An extension of the flaperon could only have been activated by a person, which suggests that a pilot (or at least somebody with technical knowledge) guided the plane into the water.

Vance also pointed out that a slow, controlled landing would explain the lack of debris, telling the BBC:

“Somebody was flying the airplane at the end of its flight.

Somebody was flying the airplane into the water. There is no other alternate theory that you can follow.”

This new evidence follows the revelation that the plane’s Captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, had plotted “suicide routes” on his flight simulator at home, practising crashing into the Indian Ocean less than a month before MH370 went missing.

Although Mr Shah had deleted this data from his (homemade) simulator, the FBI were able to recover it, and found that he’d mapped various routes, all taking him across the Indian Ocean until he ran out of fuel.

Although not confirmed, it is now widely thought that MH370 was deliberately crashed as a pre-meditated murder/suicide, and not accidentally crashed as previously believed. 

239 people were on board. 

H/T / Image Credits: BBC

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