Court Shocked As Judge Tells Man, “You’re A Bit Of A C*nt Yourself”



A bad ass judge shocked her courtroom today, when she fired back the c-bomb at a defendant. 

Judge Patricia Lynch QC was in the process of jailing John Hennigan, when he decided to tell her she was a bit of a “c**t”, which to be fair, is never really a great move.


But instead of ordering him out of court, she decided to give him a taste of his own foul-mouthed medicine, replying:

“You are a bit of a c*** yourself. Being offensive to me doesn’t help.”

John, who was being tried for racially abusing a single mum, decided to take it a step further by shouting back, “Go fuck yourself”, to which Judge Legend cooly replied, “You too.”


Silly John. Being a racist idiot who swears at judges is never going to get you anywhere, certainly not out of a prison sentence. He then topped the whole thing off by banging on the court glass, yelling “seig heil” and singing “Jews, gas them all.”

Luckily, she then jailed the 50-year-old for 18 months.

Bye bye, John. Maybe he’ll learn how to behave in prison. 

Image Source: Central News



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