Olympic Athlete Gets The Runs During A Race


Competing in the 50km walking race, French athlete Yohann Diniz has had a nightmare, and got the runs. 

Obviously unwilling to stop and clean himself up (he’s the world record holder – walking 5o km in 3:32:33 – and the favourite to win the race), Yohann soldiered on, despite the poo running down his legs.



French newspaper L’Equipe reported that Yohann was suffering from stomach pains prior to the race and, initially leading by more than a minute, he collapsed and allowed the other athletes to pass him.

Canadian competitor Evan Dunfee helped him to his feet, and Yohann eventually finished in eighth place.

Slovakia’s Matej Toth took gold, beating London 2012’s winner, Jared Tallent (Australia) who got silver.

We hope Yohann is feeling better soon. 

Image Credits: BBC / Getty

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