Mutant Pig With “Human Face And Penis On Head” Born In China



Nobody likes to be called a mutant, but in the case of this poor little piglet, it’s fairly apt. 

Born in China with a remarkably human face and what looks like a penis on its head, a video of the pig (which is actually surprisingly cute) yawning went viral on social media.

Apparently once it became famous, numerous people tried to buy the piglet, but unfortunately it was rejected by its mother and wouldn’t feed from a bottle, so died.

Many are speculating on what could have caused this little piggy to look so bizarre, with some suggesting that environmental pollution is at fault.

In any case, it isn’t the first time that a mutant pig has been born: one discovered in Aberdeenshire last year looked remarkably similar to this latest…


…And this one, also from China also looks fairly human faced and penis endowed:


Maybe this is just a new species of pig…

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Image Credits/ HT: The Mirror, iStock


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