Single Man Finds True Love Through Funny Christmas Card

Photographing the annual “Steve McMasters Christmas Card” is always the highlight to my year at Loree Photography. Steve began his annual tradition of his own style of Christmas Card six years ago. As a single man, he sent out a funny card to his friends, while others around him were mailing out the traditional family cards with kids, smiles and puppies. 

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I started photographing the card four years ago! This year, he’s no longer that single man. He found his perfect match in Alyssa Briggs earlier this year who incidentally met Steve because she saw the 2015 card on a fridge of a friend and wanted to meet the guy. By far, this was the most fun card to date to photograph. These two are the most fun, incredible people you were ever meet. Steve sends out around 350 Christmas cards each year. That number grows annually as people beg to be included on his list!

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