Drawings By Little Inventors Expressing The Most Precious Element In Our Life – Imagination

These two pictures are from Little Inventors | China project’s website and they are just two of the 1,000 works of Chinese children. So do you think their inventions are very cute? However, have you ever thought in this way? I believe when you were a child, you must have had such interesting ideas. But now, how long have your thoughts slept in your heart?

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Due to the society full of stress and fierce competitions, it seems that creativity and imagination have become the most precious element in our life.

But when parents give lives to their babies, at that moment, they have already planned almost everything for their children in the future. These little children are forced to play the piano, play chess, paint, learn different languages and so on, which can make them better and better but deprive them of the instinctive creativity and imagination in the meantime.

According to some data analysis, “naughty” children are vastly superior to those “good” children in creative thinking.

Little Inventors Project, which is held by the UK, Canada, Poland, UAE and China, is aimed to develop the creative thoughts of children and make their creativity inestimable. These inventions selected from Little Inventors | China Project’s official website have already proved that children’s imagination are not so “obedient” as we conventionally think.

More info: littleinventors.cn

Carrot cutter, by Zixian Zeng, 11 years old

created by Jingyu Yuan, 13 years old

Box Bed, Kexin Wang, 10 years old

Multi-functional Elastic Shoes, Rongxun Ma, 12 years old

Device to measure wind speed and directions, Yifan Liu, 8 years old

Self-help Wheelchair, Jing Yu, 10 Years old

Almighty Umbrella, Ziqian Huang, 7-year-old boy

Sand Leakage Shoes, Le Yu, 5-year-old boy

Dancing Hat, Ruiya Li, 6 years old

Mars Car, Chengjie Tang, 10 years old

Machine To Raise A Flag, Jinrong Zhang, 8 years old

Luminiferous Flowerpot, Dezhong Wang, 6-year-old boy

Filter Machine in Bottle Shape, Meng Zhao ,10 years old

Environmental Robot, Daji Renzhen, 13 years old

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