My Friend Just Got Married… To A Pizza

This all started when one of my senior clients posted a photo on Facebook wearing her grandmother’s vintage wedding gown. Her caption read: “Wearing grandma’s wedding dress lmaoooo. I’m getting married but it’s to pizza. Sorry boys, I’m a taken woman!”

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Of course, the weirdo I am, was like “This is awesome… We should totally get photos of you in this dress marrying a pizza…” Christine was totally in agreement. Her mom entered the conversation via Facebook and with her blessing, the photo shoot was on!

Over the next couple days, Christine and I planned her dream wedding. She had so many amazing ideas. Like the pizza should wear a bow tie… and the ring would obviously have to be a ring pop. We debated about having bacon roses, but because her mom was a bit worried about the dress getting dirty, we decided to stick with just a couple basic props.

Christine was having her hair and makeup done by Beauty and the Blondes for homecoming, so we scheduled the shoot for that date. When I arrived, Christine was having her makeup finished. A large pepperoni pizza from Cristy’s Pizza in Baltimore was cooling off in the kitchen. When she was all ready, we walked next door to a white barn on her family farm and that’s where the magic happened.

More info:

The groom wore a Pokemon bow tie. So classy

The man of her dreams has always been pizza. Pizza never lets you down

Wedding ring pop

It’s perfect!

Now I lay me, down to pizza

A wedding day selfie is a must!

The blushing bride. Haha. This is all too much, but I can’t stop. Love it

The moment you’ve all been waiting for

You may kiss the pizza

The things dreams are made of

After the little wedding, we went back to Christine’s and she and her new spouse sat down for a candlelight dinner

You sure are delicious

They lived happily ever after indeed

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