European Countries Are Trolling Trump With Hilarious “America First” Spoof Videos

There is a new viral competition on the internet and President Donald Trump is responsible for it. He has pledged to put “America First”, and most countries don‘t want to argue with a superpower, so they are trying to secure the second place by producing sassy hilarious videos.

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It all started when a Dutch satirical show released a tourism ad, introducing the 45th president of the United States to their tiny country. The Dutch bragged about the Afsluitdijk (a giant causeway that “was built to protect the Netherlands from all the water from Mexico”) and other features which could appeal to Donald Trump. Other European countries have followed the Netherlands and are competing for the „second place“. The contest is called „Who Wants To Be Second“ and it‘s great. So far, 7 countries are participating and the number is steadily increasing. However, we need your help to choose the winner. Scroll down and vote for your favourite promotional video and explain your choice in the comments!

More info: (cover and Facebook image by Asier Sanz)

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