21-Year-Old Inspires People To Share Photos Of “Vicious Pit Bull Attacks”, And It’s Just Too ‘Scary’

Pit bulls – the breed that probably suffers most because of widespread prejudice against them, implying they are aggressive and vicious. This particularly affects vulnerable bully breeds that end up in a shelter and have lower chances of being adopted if people see them as dangerous. In fact, bully pibbles are the number 1 euthanized breed in the US. Maybe that’s why 21-year-old Brittany, who works at the Humane Society in New Braunfels, Texas, couldn’t help but post some pictures of adorable bull pooches she met at the shelter – a puppy named Spice and her sister Sugar. To add a little bit of irony to the whole ‘pit bulls are to be scared of’ situation, Brittany wrote a following caption: “ACTUAL VICIOUS PITBULL ATTACK”.

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And boy it started… People began sharing similar shots of super ‘aggresive’ pit bull (love) attacks. While Brittany says she does empathize with all those who ever been bit by a pit bull or any other dog, she hopes her post will remind people not to start hating the whole breed because of a bad experience with an individual canine.




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