Big Brother Is Away At Camp And Family Replaces Him With A Paper Towel Roll

It started as a joke…and then became an adventure. Our 13 yr old is away for three weeks at sleep away camp. We placed a paper towel roll in his seat at the kitchen table one dinner, just for convenience. And then jokingly decided to put a face on the paper towel. We took a picture and texted it to him with the comment, “you’ve been replaced by a paper towel roll.” He never responded, so we took it up a notch: each day we took a snapshot of the paper towel roll in different situations with his sisters and sent him a message noting how amazing the paper towel roll is. He still hasn’t responded. Below are some examples.

You’ve been replaced by a paper towel roll. Paper towel bro loves take out Chinese!

Getting ready for our family bike ride! Doesn’t paper towel roll bro look handsome in your helmet?

Paper towel bro always helps with dinner. He’s a master with the knife!

Ooooh, paper towel bro has excellent fashion sense. We love his new shoes!!

Paper towel bro is very popular with the ladies. Here he is entertaining his new lady friend on the front porch love seat

Paper towel bro always listens to his sister’s direction when filming

Paper towel bro is the best at multiplayer games

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