Meet Spike, An Adorable Stag Beetle Taking Internet By Storm With His Art That Sells For Up To $1,575


If you’re feeling down today, get ready for a shot of cuteness. Spike the Beetle is the latest pet we all want to have, and he’s becoming a social media sensation for his supreme artistic abilities.

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Spike, a black stag beetle, lives in Japan with his English-teaching owner. Stag beetles are popular pets in Japan, where they’re known as kuwagata, and celebrated for their samurai helmet-like horns. Spike doesn’t wield any katana swords with his mighty pincers, but it turns out that he’s pretty good with a paintbrush, and frequently creates colorful avant garde sketches. He also happens to be a big fan of snuggling under soft blankets, and politely eating dinner at the table.

Follow the adorable and gentlemanly adventures of Spike the Beetle below, and share this post with someone who might need a little pick-me-up today.

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