I Found Real-Life Unicorns And Turned It Into A Business

I launched a marketplace for kids experiences and parties called My Best Gift, because I wanted an alternative to giving my kids more ‘stuff’ for every celebration.

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For my daughter Mila’s last birthday, I asked her what she’d like to do for her party, when she asked if she could have a unicorn at her party, I thought it was a crazy idea! But given the popularity of unicorns, I realised she probably wasn’t the only one asking for a unicorn, so we sourced unicorns! We now have real-life unicorn parties on our site and get the chance to make kids dreams come true with these unicorns!

The unicorns have been so popular since we’ve added them to the site, that it’s taken our business to the next level. Now when I want to know what’s on trend with the kids, I just ask my girls!

More info: mybestgift.com.au

Unicorn birthday party fun

Mila and the unicorn

Unicorn ride!

Unicorn kids party

Real-life Unicorn Parties

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