Girl’s Tinder Profile Hilariously Explains Why You Should Date Her, And Now Everyone Wants To Swipe Right


This may not be the first time we’ve seen someone turn their Tinder profile into a boardroom-worthy Powerpoint presentation, but it may very well be the best one yet. A 19-year-old Canadian student named Krista has strayed from the old Tinder tradition of putting up a few decent selfies and a half-joking description of yourself, and has instead constructed a biographical slideshow that is so witty and clever, we’re pretty sure the whole Internet is now lined up around the block to take her out on a date. If avocados and meme-sharing sound like your cup of tea, she just might be the one for you.

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Scroll down to see it for yourself, and post your answer to the burning question – would you swipe right?


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