I Made The Creepiest Christmas Song Video

I made this video because I am very tired of the usual christmas songs. The video is shot around a summerhouse that has seen lots of darkness. Around WWII some people were shot, later on a person hanged himself there… A few years back the owners past away and the house was ransacked, lots of personal belongings were stolen, the door and windows broken.

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In general, the summer house has a very disturbing feel… While filming, an owl flew out and hit a window. The actor and the owl were both greatly freaked out by each other.

As a person with a dark neo-folk music project “Vėlių Namai” (home of dead souls) I felt that this is a perfect place for shooting a (non) traditional christmas video.

The video is also very personal, because all of the trees in the video were planted by my great-grandfather, some of the houses were also built by him. It features a connection with family members that have been dead for a long time, but from stories, I know that I am quite similar to.

The video features the Lithuanian country side that is slowly decaying due to emigration and the passing of generations.

The song is an ancient pagan christmas song “Leliumai” performed by the band Sen Svaja.

Enjoy your christmas differently!

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Farm house that is falling apart.

A wagon that used to be used by my grandfather. He used to give me a ride when I was a very small boy.

The ritualistic goat.

Vėlių Namai & Sen Svaja – Leliumai (official)

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