Monarchs Butterflies: A Cycle Of Life

Hello, I’m Mike Chervinko, a serious amateur photographer who aim is to capture the rare, the unusual and the beautiful in nature. My wife raises Monarch butterflies and I have fallen in love with photoing them and their lifecycle. It takes great patiences and determination to capture such intimate moments in their lives and I’m grateful for having the opportunity to do so. In taking so many photos of them I have created a photo essay documenting most of the key aspects of their lives, especially their lives with us.


Chrysalis Formation #1

Chrysalis Formation #2

Chrysalis Formation #3

Young Chrysalis

Mature Chrysalis

Moments Before Eclosing (hatching)

Emergence Begins

And continues

And Continues

Push Push Push

And Push a Little Harder

Almost There

Zipping the Proboscis

Aaaannnddd Free!

Pant Pant Pant

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

A Few More Wiggles

Making Wings Bigger

Flight Ready

But Before I Go, So Long Friends

Release Time!

But First a Show Off and a Drink

And Gone!

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