Man Attempting To Burgle Chicken Shop Gets Stuck In Window For 7 Hours


Earlier this year, the story of “Tinder poo girl” went about as viral as we’ve ever seen anything go. 

To quickly recap, she did a sh*t at her Tinder date’s house, only for it not to flush down. Panicking, she decided to fish it out and throw it through the window, only for it to get stuck between two panes of glass.

At that point she admitted to her date what had happened, and then tried to reach down between the glass to scoop it up.

And then this happened:


She got stuck in the window, and the fire brigade had to rescue her.


This story is similar, in that someone got themselves into an excruciatingly embarrassing situation, and had to be rescued by emergency services.

This time, an unnamed 45-year-old was attempting to burgle a chicken restaurant in Birmingham. He tried to wriggle in through a window, but got himself stuck in an extractor fan unit.

After someone spotted his legs sticking out, police found him like this:

(We’re so thankful that in these situations, people always think to take a photo…)

The poor guy had apparently been shouting “help” for five hours, and was stuck for seven in total.

Obviously the moral of the story here is that crime doesn’t always pay.

The fire brigade had to come and tug the guy out, and he was taken to hospital to be checked over (hanging upside down for seven hours cannot be good for you…).

He was then arrested for attempted burglary.

The good news is that if there’s an award for “most incompetent criminal of 2017”, he’s hands down won it.

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Images via West Midlands Police / iStock


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