The Way This Anti-Vaxxer Gets Shut Down Is Brilliant

Like John Oliver has already said, when the Polio shot came out, people lined up for it like it was the latest iPhone. However, despite millions of lives different vaccines have saved so far, small groups have been – and still are – skeptical about them. For example, one anti-vaxxer has posted a picture on tumblr why they believe people should ‘re-think vaccines,’ and it infuriated one immunologist so much, he took the time to craft an epic response to it.

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Despite calling the author of the image (and those who share the same views) “the worst” people, he also thoroughly explained why. The epic rant is witty and, most importantly, backed up by science, and we thought you just have to read it. Scroll down to read why you need to vaccinate your kids!

A Tumblr user (who has later deleted this post) took a strong stand against vaccines

Only to get brutally shut down moments later

Are you vaccinating your kids?

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