My Roommate Was A Baby Monkey


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My husband and I have been volunteering around Central and South America since January this year (2018). Our latest volunteering adventure took us into the Ecuadorian Amazon. We were working with the local Kichwa community helping out with eco-tourism and teaching English. The family we were staying with had temporarily adopted an orphaned baby spider monkey from across the river. They named her Sofia, and she was the cutest little trouble maker imaginable. An animal rehabiliation centre has been contacted and we are hoping she will be able to join a group of monkeys and be released back into the wild. Sofia was always curious and getting into everything, climbing chairs, stairs, doors, tables, nothing could stop her. In the area we were staying there were a few papaya trees, but never enough people to eat all of the ready-to-eat fruit these trees were producing. So I decided to make some jungle jam! Sofia was always coming into the kitchen to see what I was getting up to. So I decided to feature her in my jam-making video posted below. Since it’s not every day we get to make something with a monkey “helper”!

More info:

Meet Sofia an orphaned baby Spider Monkey from the Amazon

She has her own tiny hammock!

And loves to climb on everything

And watch the world from high up

She also loves to read

And play with her soccer ball

And she has her own cat friend too!

She sometimes snuggles in the shower curtain when it’s stormy…

Of course she wants to try all the human food…

But she got some papaya of her own instead!

Making Jungle Jam with a Monkey “Helper”

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