Girl Finds Something That Wasn’t Meant For Her In A Twix Bag, Uncovers Her Mom’s Friend’s Master-Plan

We all know that refusing a host’s acts of generosity is not an easy feat to accomplish and often times requires certain bargaining and stealth skills. And while some are subdued into unwillingly accepting the ‘bribe’, others find ways to leave it behind. Well, this story is an excellent proof that things don’t always go as planned.

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Last month, Tumblr user Gabrielle shared a story about going back home to visit her family. While home, her mother told her about their weekly get-together with other friends and that’s when the interesting stuff comes into play. Apparently, one of the friends who was hosting the meeting, Martha, bought personalized snacks for everyone attending, including Gabrielle’s mom. To return the favor, the mother tried to hand Martha a $20 bill, but was promptly refused. Thinking she’s be clever, the mother left the money behind, on a counter and takes the remaining snacks. Well, Gabrielle soon learned that Martha was more than aware of everything and trying to get back at her friend, did the most passive aggressive thing a hostess could do. Later, Gabrielle revealed that in the end she kept the money as she had already left for university and there was no way to return it. As for the payback? ” It got resolved by my mother buying Martha a $20 bottle of wine and giving it to her as she was about to go into her house so that she couldn’t refuse it” Gabrielle told Bored Panda. Scroll down to read the full story below and tell us if you think she did the right thing or not.

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Turning down a host’s generosity is a difficult task, and this lady takes it to another level


22-year-old university student Gabrielle shared a hilarious story a month ago




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