This Girl Is Only Six Months Old, But Her Hair Is So Amazing It Gained Her 70,000 Instagram Followers

Some of us sink an embarrassing amount of money into expensive hair products and vitamins, while others have been naturally blessed with luscious locks – well Baby Chanco is in the second group.

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The six-month-old Japanese girl became Instagram famous for her exquisite hairdo, after her mom posted her baby pictures. Chanco was born with a full head of hair and in six months her mane only continued to grow.

This girl is now rocking some serious Elvis Presley-style hair, and people can’t look away. She currently has over 70k following on Instagram.

Take a look gorgeous baby Chanco below to experience some serious hair envy! Would you like to have hair like this? Let us know.

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Baby Chanco has had a full head of hair since the moment she was born

In only six months her locks grew an impressive amount

A couple of months ago Chanco’s mother shared her pictures on Instagram

And people fell in love

She now has over 70k hair admirers on her page

Scroll down for more pictures of this adorable baby

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