This Guy Shared The Weirdest Thing He’s Seen At A Client’s House And It’s Hard Not To Laugh At It

Working in customer service, you never know who, or what you are gonna meet next. A good example of this is a recent reddit thread where someone asked, “People who enter homes for a living (Maintenance, cable contractors, etc), what’s the strangest thing you’ve encountered when entering someone’s home?” The topic has already received nearly 10,500 upvotes and while most of the responses are incredibly intriguing, one stands out from the rest.

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It’s by a computer technician and involves a parrot, a toy train, and… You have to read it to believe it.

“Stories like the one I wrote were definitely highlights of my career as an on-call computer tech, but there are equally as many horror stories,” the guy who wanted to remain anonymous told Bored Panda. “Looking back, I’d say that it was a decent college gig, but ultimately not something I’d want to do as a career.”

His first impression of the client was a positive one. “He was a pretty good-natured guy, in his early 70s and in decent shape for his age. I only visited him twice – both times to remove viruses (back then, old people on the internet attracted viruses like bugs to lights). Both times I was there he was pretty cool to me, but we didn’t have all that much conversation outside of talking about his bird, and fixing his computer.”

“When you work in a job that has you going into random people’s homes, you’re bound to have interesting experiences, and you eventually learn to just roll with it,” the guy concluded.

Sometimes, life truly is stranger than fiction. (Facebook cover image: John)

Recently, a computer technician told his most memorable client story, proving that working with them directly isn’t always as dreadful as you’d think

Image credits: The_Gut (not the actual photo)

People instantly started laughing their socks off

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