Guy Gets So Drunk He Can’t Find His Bed In His Own Home, His Bandmates Create Hilarious Memes (21 Pics)

We’ve all been there, a long and enjoyable night out comes to an end and you return home perhaps a little worse for wear. It’s happened to Sean before and will most likely happen again, but perhaps after this episode of masterful trolling by his mates, he might think twice about that last drink.

In some cultures, mine included, one of the best ways to show a little brotherly love and camaraderie is to ‘take the piss,’ set up elaborate pranks and generally just have a little harmless fun at each other’s expense. For this group of friends it means making hilarious memes and setting up a dedicated Facebook page, and it has made brother Sean internet famous.

“We’re from a small seaside town in England and we all rip each other hard,” Sean’s best mate Will told Bored Panda. This happened on New Year’s Eve and yes, Sean does a lot of stupid stuff. A few years ago I found him asleep in a litter tray, on New Years as well actually. Rum is his poison.” Apparently Sean, who is the roadie for the band Future Pilot (it was the band members who are largely responsible for this savagery), has now accepted his fate on the internet and is now embracing it. But really, just how drunk do you have to be to lose a bed? Perhaps he sleeps on a small cushion in the corner? “He actually has a double bed!” Will told us with a laugh. But he is too dumb to switch on a light apparently.”

Scroll down below to see the hilarious ‘Sean of the Bed’ memes for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments!

More info: Sean’s Bed

“This is my housemate Sean, Sean was so drunk last night he was stood by his bedroom making noises at 4am because he couldn’t find his bed”

“Poor drunken bastard got called into work today and has been ripped on by all his friends”

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