Guy Accidentally Sat On A Toilet With A Huntsman Spider In It, Says He Was Assaulted By ‘World’s Smallest Sexual Predator”

Most of us have unsubstantiated fears that do nothing but give us anxiety. While most of the people fear heights and crowded spaces, there are some people that have some really marginal phobias that would make other people question their sanity. Say, a fear of finding some snake, spider or other scary creature hiding in the toilet bowl? Definitely not something a lot of people think about, but unfortunately a situation that became a reality for one Australian man.

Recently, a man named Rob shared a hilariously terrifying story on the r/tifu subreddit. The 22-year-old from Brisbane recalled a day at work that went from a regular “just chilling with my coworkers” one to a horror story one could retell his grandchildren. And it all happened because Rob didn’t check the toilet before sitting down for some quality time alone. That’s when a hunstman spider ambushed him.

Image credits: Michael Coghlan

“It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life,” Rob told Bored Panda. Naturally, someone unexpectedly touching you in your most private moment is not a pleasant experience, however we must not forget the story is taking place in “the Land Down Under”. “Grew up in a very rural area where, much like most of Australia, you see a snake or a spider and have to assume it’s venomous” the man explained.

And while the encounter with “the world’s smallest sexual predator” might’ve given Rob a serious shock (and pain) it sure made more than one person laugh, so scroll down below to read the poor man’s full story and don’t forget to comment if you had any sort of similar experiences.

Although initially Rob went through several different stages of fright, it ultimately boiled down to a good laugh. Especially for his coworkers. “Coincidentally a couple hours after I posted the story, the trailer for the new SpiderMan movie came out, and that’s basically been sent to me about twenty times on Facebook from coworkers telling me I missed out on becoming the new Penis Parker” Rob recalled. Even if the experience was frightening and embarrassing, the guy says he’s glad that it gave people a good laugh. “Makes me feel like my waking nightmare wasn’t for nothing” he concluded.

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People, amused or horrified by the story, soon flooded to the comments to express their thoughts

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