The House With Creepy Dolls

Usually, dolls bring joy for kids, with their sweet smiles and azure gazes. They become souvenirs from the world of our childhood, as we grow old. That’s why the fake paradise from a Czech village, not far from Prague, could frighten the hearts of those who would dare to visit it.

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In the first moments of being in the courtyard of the house, you can feel a gentle light that warms you and how the grass is soft and damp under  your feet; the perfume of the flowers and the things perfectly arranged from the yard create an unreal harmony, just like the one  in the fairytales my grandmother used to tell me about before she put me to bed.

You are transposed in the tender years of pure happiness, but this feeling disappears when your eyes meet the terrifying scene: everywhere, dolls in all shapes and colors, broken tears and tense eyes, broken smiles; old and dirty dolls, without the porcelain skin, without the spark.

 Some are spared, the ones that kept their hands and feet, but all of them remain condemned to an eternity of suffering.

Although the scene looks like one from an exceptional horror movie, the reality is much lighter, as I found that there lives an old man and his puppy. 

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