Father Illustrates The Friendship Between His Baby And Their Dog (30 New Comics)


New parents love nothing more than uploading pics of their baby onto social media, and who can blame them? I get weird feelings of pride from a particularly well-formed booger or the contents of a pimple, so if I’d somehow managed to create a whole new human being I’d want to show it off too.

But anyone can take a simple photo can’t they? When Nate Anderson’s first child Rowan came along, he decided to take it a step further and chronicle his childhood in a webcomic which he called simply ‘Boy & Dog.’ 

We already featured Rowan and his Golden Retriever Buddy Murphy’s adventures on Bored Panda before, but we loved them so much that we have decided to check out the latest in the series. Scroll down below to check out what they’ve been up to!

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