30 People Share Their Weirdest Habits And Some Are Truly Relatable

We all have weird quirks that are fairly uncommon, to say the least. For the fear of being judged we keep them to ourselves, however, that doesn’t stop us from being curious about what others have to hide. So, to indulge in this secret knowledge, Twitter user @drakesbrother started a thread asking people to share their weird confessions. The thread was quickly flooded with the strangest habits. Some confessed to measuring how long something will take in songs, others said that each time they get in their car, they make sure no one is sitting in the back seat. While some of these things do sound a little bit odd, let’s not pretend that you don’t relate. Scroll below for the list of confessions and don’t forget to share your’s in the comments. (Facebook cover image: Nathan Rice)

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