30 Times People Shared Their Weirdest Secondhand Finds (New Pics)

Old clutter. Broken junk. Useless odds and ends. Thrift stores are full of these. However, once in a blue moon, people get lucky and find something so fantastic, bedazzling and out of this world that they must share it with everyone they know. The Facebook group ‘Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared’ is dedicated to secondhand shop fanatics who find metaphorical needles among haystacks of miscellaneous mundane things. This group is also proof that one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure.

Bored Panda created this list of unexpected thrift store finds to give you your daily dose of laughter and amazement. But if you finish scrolling and find yourself wanting for more, check out our previous lists of incredible secondhand goodies here and here. Scroll down, upvote your fave items and let everyone know in the comments why you liked them so much.

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Secondhand shopping — especially for clothes — is great for both your wallet and the world, and here’s why. First of all, you can wear fancy branded clothes from thrift shops for a fraction of the retail price. You can quite literally walk a mile in someone’s fancy shoes and save cash while doing it.

Secondly, more people wearing and sharing secondhand clothing means less rubbish, less manufacturing new clothes, and a much happier planet. Way happier. According to Sheril Dsouza on Medium, it takes a whopping 1,800 gallons (that’s more than 6,800 liters for all you Europeans out there) to make a single pair of jeans!

Lastly, trading secondhand clothes and items create stronger, more responsible and eco-conscious communities. That’s right. When you go to a thrift store to drop something off or to find a new wacky thingamajig for your office, you’re actively building a better future. You’re taking recycling to a whole new level. You’re encouraging your friends and family to care about the environment. If you’re ever in doubt whether something secondhand is fashionable, just remember: old is the new new.

Does An Aged Portrait Of Your Apparently Immortal Cat Count As A Weird Secondhand Find?

I mean she’s a rescue so who knows how long she’s been about for. Even weirder: there’s some German writing on the back of it. I love my German vampire baby Pepè

Emily Catherine Report

This Is Probably My Most Prized Find. This Is Billie Jean

I’ve had her for a while. She has a back story. I drove past an antique store and saw her on the sidewalk out front. I instantly loved her. A couple days later, I drove past the same store and there she was. I thought to myself, “How has no one purchased that glorious goat?!?” I was trying to be good. I went home and later that day was scrolling through my news feed and there was a picture of her on Facebook! What are the odds?!?! I shared the picture on saying that I couldn’t believe that no one had purchased the goat. The post got a lot of traffic. I thought about that goat most of the day but I was balling on a budget. I broke down and called them to see if they still had her. When I called the guy said, “I don’t know what the deal is with that goat! I’ve gotten so many calls today!” He said that she was still there as of then. I got in the car and told my husband I was going to try and barter for her. He knew then, that I was coming home with that goat one way or another. Well, the owner wouldn’t barter because he had gotten too many calls. Ironically, the calls were because of me sharing her. (I have a decent following for my work). Someone had even paid a deposit down for them to hold her but hadn’t returned within the allotted 24 hours. Needless to say, I’m weak and wrote a check. He told me they called her “Billie”. I added Jean because she was mine and I could. I came home with her and then I was afraid someone would steal her because she was so awesome. I made her stay in the house for a week. I finally put her out front but obsessively checked for her every time I walked passed the window. I may or may not have installed security cameras because of this goat statue. Needless to say, she is part of the family now and the talk of the neighborhood.

Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared Report

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